PowerBI Premium P1 - (Monthly per server)

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You can use Power BI Premium to access features and capabilities only available in Premium, and offer greater scale and performance for Power BI content in your organization. Power BI Premium enables more users in your organization to get the most out of Power BI with better performance and responsiveness. For example, with Power BI Premium, you and your organization's users get the following capabilities:

  • Greater scale and performance for your Power BI reports
  • Flexibility to license by capacity
  • Best-in-class features for data visualization and insight-extraction such as AI-driven analysis, composable and reusable dataflows, and paginated reports
  • Unify self-service and enterprise BI with a variety of Premium-only capabilities that support heavier workloads and require enterprise scale
  • Built-in license to extend on-premises BI with Power BI Report Server
  • Support for data residency by region (Multi-Geo) and customer-managed encryption keys for data at rest (BYOK)
  • Ability to share Power BI content with anyone (even outside your organization) without purchasing a per-user license

Power BI Premium P1 has the lowest capacity dedicated environment:

  • 8 v-cores:
    • 4 Frontend Cores
    • 4 Backend Cores / 25 GB RAM

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